Hello and welcome to ScottSerafin.co, I am Scott and this is my website.  On my site you’ll find articles I’ve written that I believe would be beneficial to people who may not know much about technology but want to tackle it on their own.  If there is ever anything that you would like to see here, feel free to contact me.

About me

an intro

As I’ve already stated, my name is Scott Serafin.  I have always had a passion for learning and technology for as long as I can remember.  When I come across something new I like to analyze it and understand as much as I can about it.  I really enjoy the process of learning how things work and what makes them important to their design.  School was always very important to me and it came quite naturally to me.  Throughout my entire school career, I strived for perfect GPA and was never far off from accomplishing this.

first interest in making videos

In middle school, I started playing around film and making home movies with my friends and neighbors.  Once I made it to high school I began making short movie/films with friends using the Halo 2 and Halo 3 for Xbox.  For these short video game films, I was behind the entire process from writing the script and story, to directing, to post production.  I thoroughly enjoy making these little movies and you can still see many of them on YouTube.  In high school I took many computer aided drafting courses and helped the instructor start a film class.  My final project was an experimentation of creating a stop motion film.


I started in the Engineering program at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2008, but found that my love for calculus was a lie.  After touring an architecture firm I immediately set my sights on becoming a drafter hoping to build out three dimensional structures with life like detail.  Unfortunately, the Architecture program at CU Boulder was absolutely abysmal and they were still focusing on hand drawings, only offering introductory courses to computer aided drafting.  I branched out of my major and took as many graphic and digital designs courses that I could and graduated with a bachelors in Environmental Design with a focus on design studies.  Here is some work that I created in my digital design courses: one, two, three, four.


I got on board with YouTube pretty early on and realized how important and useful video tutorials were for completing an unfamiliar task.  I started taking my knowledge of computers and translating processes that were easy for me, but difficult to others in an easy to follow video structure.  People find my instructional videos very useful, and to date I have over one million views and 2,500 subscribers.  When I create my videos, I like to be direct and to the point because quite frankly no one cares for: ‘Sorry guys, I’m a bit under the weather today with a cold so if I sound funny it is because I am sick.  Oh, this little guys here is my cat…’

websites and graphic design

During my freshman year in college I taught myself how to build a website from scratch using only HTML and CSS.  I really enjoyed tweaking a fragment of code and making it change the entire appearance of a webpage instantly.  I have built several static html sites, as well as put together several WordPress websites. Graphic design was another interest of mine and I entered several logo design competitions on Hatchwise.com for fun and won a few as the best design.

first tech job

During my time in college, I had a full-time job as an IT Administrator for the CU Boulder.  I was solely responsible for maintaining the successful deployment and operation of several computer labs around the campus. I learned a lot about the crucial relationship between workstations and servers during my time there.  We deployed workstation images over unicast and multicast, and pushed published applications to machines when needed.  This job really sparked my interest in pursuing IT as my career.

current job

I am currently working at an IT service provider called Data Network Group.  My role is to provide complete IT support for small to mid-sized businesses that cannot afford to hire a full-time IT person in house.  We cater to a large range of technologies, and on any given day I could be doing basic troubleshooting, to configuring and installing a new server.

the future

I continue to expand my technical skill set every single day.  My future is still a bit uncertain, I have several thoughts of where I could see myself but have not committed to anything in particular just yet.  Wherever I end up, it needs to be somewhere I can continue to learn and grow.  Being stagnant for too long has never suited me well…


Thanks for reading a bit about my history.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to continue the discussion.