Video Editing

I uploaded my first YouTube video back in 2006.  Since then, I’ve created over 100 videos of different styles and permutations.  There is something special that I really enjoy about cutting clips, rearranging them, syncing them to music, and telling a story.  In my latest foray into video content, I aim to help others learn to do home improvement on their own.

House In Progress

The idea for House In Progress was born from the success that I had with my previous YouTube videos.  In those videos, I broke down the steps for installing Windows on a Mac.  My videos gained over 750,000 views over their five years on YouTube and helped many people.  YouTube is notorious for bad content.  My initial success with my YouTube videos made me realize that most content creators do not understand what makes a video useful to someone else.

The Premise

Armed with nothing more than our iPhones and our need to complete projects around our homes, Ben and I started making videos.  Our primary goal with House In Progress is to create high quality videos that give people an alternative to the bad videos already uploaded.  With all of the videos we create, it is extremely important to me that every video meets these criteria:

  • The steps are broken down enough that they are easily reproducible
  • The camera is focused on the relevant subject matter
  • Our spoken voices are clear and understandable
  • Production value feels high quality despite being filmed and edited on a budget

Our Success

As of August 2017, we have stopped producing videos.   Ben and I came to a point where the amount of time and effort required for each video was not being recouped monetarily.  However, in the previous five months we were able to create 29 different videos reaching over 100,000 views.

We formed a partnership with our local Denver news station, KDVR.  KDVR reached out to us after seeing one of our videos online, and soon began broadcasting several of our videos on one of their morning programs.  As of December 2017, we are still listed on their website as a contributor:

Ben and I also received tools from Ryobi in exchange for using them prominently in our videos.  We’re very grateful to these major companies for seeing the value in our small production and trying to help kick-start our venture.