One of my absolute favorite keto recipes is this modified version of fathead pizza.  I consider myself lucky if I make it halfway through this pizza because it is incredible filling.  I’ve also started using this recipe as my cult initiation to sway my friends who are on the fence about trying keto.  Everyone comments on just how delicious this is, and how its almost indistinguishable from typical pizza.

This recipe can also be found on my other post: Keto: Two Weeks Worth of Meals

Fathead Dough

If you do a Google search for “fathead dough”, you’ll find that this miraculous invention is used for all sorts of delicious foods.  I have to come clean though, I have never made the actual fathead pizza dough.  Instead, I use this modified version of the recipe from Carl Franklin’s blog and it’s so easy and delicious I’ve had no reason to try anything else.

Required Tools

I prefer using this ceramic pizza stone partly because it make me feel like I’m being a fancy chef, but mostly I think it really helps evenly cook the pizza.  I’ve also made this pizza using this aluminum pizza pan and the results were still delicious.  You’ll also want to have a rolling pin to evenly spread out the dough on your parchment paper.

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